International Workshop “Sustainable Water Management”

International Workshop “Sustainable Water Management”

Pekalongan City, 25 April 2019


Cevekti (Sri Ruminingsih)

Pekalongan City:

Subsidence = up to 1.5 metres

Protection built with sea wall

Collaboration project underway


Dr Martin Anda (Murdoch University)

A solution we can study together :

1. Wastewater collection & secondary treatment

2. Tertiary treatment (eg RO)

3. Managed aquifer recharge


Dr. Ir. Adiarso (BPPT)

Pekalongan City has BPPT Technopark

1. Techno park can assist:  Education, Social development, and Economic development

2. Pekalongan city has 3 zones: Swamp, Tidal zone, and Rain flooding


Prof. Dr. Ir. Suripin

HATHI (Indonesia Association of Hydraulic Engineers)

- Professional organization in the field of water resources

- Strategic role

- Assist government in realizing sustainable water resource management in Indonesia


Karen Johnston (Managed Recharge)

- Managed recharge can be done in many ways

- Different aquifers have different characteristics

- Gravity infiltration OR deep well injection

- Hydrogeological conditions must be studied

- System must be design to suit the conditions

- Monitoring bores can be installed first

- Pilot plant later for trial


Sukhbir Singh (Aquaener)

- Wastewater treatment

- New method to save energy

- Passive Aeration Simultaneous Nitrification and Dentrification

- Aquaener can build pilot plant


Markus Fittkow (Mork Water)

- Tertiary treatment by Reverse Osmosis

- Small scale plants can be built

- Cost effective solution can be found

- Moerk can work in the community to understand cultural needs


Dr Martin Anda

Murdoch University

Perth, Western Australia