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Jakarta, November 10, 2020 – November 11, 2020


The 4th International Conference on Eco Engineering Development (ICEED) 2020 takes the theme of “Eco engineering, technology, planning and design for sustainable built environment and living” as to response the challenge of the 20th century, particularly on the method, technology and the usage of natural resources for any kind of development. Sustainable in built environment is one of the sustainable goals that United Nation (UN) appointed to be achieved, and sustainable living is the way to embark.

Sustainable living means an attempt to reduce the ecological footprint on the use of natural resources which it can be carried out by ensuring the relation of living organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. This relation is essentially necessary as the principle of thinking for the development of engineering and the improvement of technology in all fields, as well as planning and design for a built environment.

This international conference, therefore, seeks for any research that contributes to the ecological development and invites all academician, practitioners as well as students to come and join this event not only to gain current knowledge and technology, but also to broad network which in return to make any possible collaboration.


In relation to the theme of the 4th ICEED 2010, it opens any research with the following area:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation, Energy, Water and Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Industry and Green Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Integrated of Smart Computing and Communication
  • Green Food Technology



at The 3rd International Conference of Eco-Engineering Development (ICEED) 2019

Faculty of Engineering, Bina Nusantara University associated with The Ministry of Public Works and Housing and HATHI (The Association of Indonesian Hydraulics Engineers)

Date: 13th Nov 2019

Loc: Nailendra Ballroom Lorin Hotel, Solo

Open gate: 08.00


Please register yourself to join our seminar which will be presented by:

1. Minister of public works and public housing

2. Prof. Masayuki Ichinose, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

3. Prof. Radianta Triatmaja, Universitas  Gajah Mada

4. Dr. Imam Santoso, Chairman of HATHI (The Association of Indonesian Hydraulics Engineers )

5. Ass. Prof. SMN Arosha Senanayake, University of Brunei Darussalam

6. Prof. Danang Parikesit, Director of Toll Road Management Bureau

7. Bintang Perbowo*, President Director of PT. Hutama Karya

8. Prof. Koen Venema, The Maastricht University, Netherlands


*) To be confirmed


Registration Fee:

Undergraduate Student: Rp300.000

Professional and others: Rp500.000

Special Benefit for HATHI members: 5 points SKA (LPJK) 


The seats available are limited, so please register yourself now by click on this link


The Registration will be closed on 10th November 2019


HATHI 6th International Seminar


HATHI 6th International Seminar on
“Advancement of Water Resources Management In a Global Challenge”

Sub themes

1. Securing water resources and risk reduction Water conservation, water related disaster mitigation and risk reduction, climate change adaptation and impact mitigation, advancement of early warning system technology and environmental protection.

2. Managing water resources  Water balance, urban and rural water management, high and low flow management, water-food-energy nexus, water pollution, sanitation, sustainable development goal.

3. Capacity building Institution and human resources improvement, Information-Technology  application, automation application in water management, community and public participation.  


Format of Paper Writing and Presentation  :

A. FORMAT OF EXTENDED ABSTRACT A. FORMAT OF EXTENDED ABSTRACT The writing template for extended abstract can be download from

B. FORMAT OF FULL PAPER The writing template for full paper can be download from

C. FORMAT OF PRESENTATION : The presentation is expected to be packed in a power point display, (LCD and Note Book provided by the organizing Committee). The duration of the presentation is 15 (fifteen) minutes.


Submit Paper :












Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan

Kupang - NTT, 22-24 November 2019


Tema : “Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air pada Daerah Semi Kering Kepulauan : Hambatan, Tantangan dan Peluang”


Sub Tema

PERUBAHAN IKLIM, CUACA EKSTREM, BANJIR DAN KEKERINGAN: Upaya Antisipasi dengan Peningkatan Sistem Peringatan Dini dan Peramalan, Metoda Pemanenan Air Hujan.

PENGEMBANGAN INFRASTUKTUR : Untuk Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Air dan Sanitasi, Pengembangan Teknologi Sistem Tampungan Air, Air Tanah dan Sungai Bawah Tanah, Irigasi Semi Kering, Tambak Ikan dan Tambak Garam.

PENGELOLAAN DAERAH ALIRAN SUNGAI: Konservasi Lahan dan Air, Restorasi Sungai dan Danau, Pengembangan Wilayah Pesisir, Pengembangan Teknologi Setempat.

HUKUM, KELEMBAGAAN, DAN PEMBERDAYAAN MASYARAKAT: Kemitraan Pemerintah, Masyarakat, dan Swasta, Pemberdayaan Masyarakat.



• Makalah merupakan tulisan yang belum pernah dimuat dan dipresentasikan ke media sebelumnya, ditulis dengan format penulisan sesuai petunjuk.

• Submit Paper :

• Extended Abstrack sudah harus diterima Panitia paling lambat tanggal 25 Juli 2019, Pengumuman EA diterima 8 Agustus 2019 dan Makalah Lengkap/Full Paper tanggal 30 September 2019.

• Kepada Pemakalah terbaik disediakan hadiah menarik. Makalah



• Extended Abstract Format penulisan extended abstract dapat diunduh pada:


• Full Paper Format penulisan Full Paper dapat diunduh pada: HTTP://


• Registrasi dan Submit Makalah pada :


• Presentasi diharapkan dikemas dalam tampilan power point, (LCD dan Note Book disediakan panitia). Penyaji diharap menyiapkan pokok makalah dengan durasi penyajian maksimal 15 (lima belas) menit. Format Presentasi



International Workshop “Sustainable Water Management”

International Workshop “Sustainable Water Management”

Pekalongan City, 25 April 2019


Cevekti (Sri Ruminingsih)

Pekalongan City:

Subsidence = up to 1.5 metres

Protection built with sea wall

Collaboration project underway


Dr Martin Anda (Murdoch University)

A solution we can study together :

1. Wastewater collection & secondary treatment

2. Tertiary treatment (eg RO)

3. Managed aquifer recharge


Dr. Ir. Adiarso (BPPT)

Pekalongan City has BPPT Technopark

1. Techno park can assist:  Education, Social development, and Economic development

2. Pekalongan city has 3 zones: Swamp, Tidal zone, and Rain flooding


Prof. Dr. Ir. Suripin

HATHI (Indonesia Association of Hydraulic Engineers)

- Professional organization in the field of water resources

- Strategic role

- Assist government in realizing sustainable water resource management in Indonesia


Karen Johnston (Managed Recharge)

- Managed recharge can be done in many ways

- Different aquifers have different characteristics

- Gravity infiltration OR deep well injection

- Hydrogeological conditions must be studied

- System must be design to suit the conditions

- Monitoring bores can be installed first

- Pilot plant later for trial


Sukhbir Singh (Aquaener)

- Wastewater treatment

- New method to save energy

- Passive Aeration Simultaneous Nitrification and Dentrification

- Aquaener can build pilot plant


Markus Fittkow (Mork Water)

- Tertiary treatment by Reverse Osmosis

- Small scale plants can be built

- Cost effective solution can be found

- Moerk can work in the community to understand cultural needs


Dr Martin Anda

Murdoch University

Perth, Western Australia

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